How To Make Friends When You Work Remotely

Discounts on all services available to subscription members, become one now. Even if you don’t make lifelong friends, you’re at least giving yourself the chance to be active and happy through work-life balance. Just because you’re in the market for new friends doesn’t mean your colleagues are, Duffy says. Lots of companies have social channels, alumni channels, and community channels on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

how to make friends when you work from home

In addition to all the effort that we are advising you to make, playing virtual team-building games can be a great way to build better connections with your virtual team. If your team is planning a virtual team-building game session, we would advise you not to miss it and use this opportunity to interact actively with your remote team. People like those colleagues who make an effort to build better communication with their peers. Everything requires consistency, and so do social interaction sessions. If you have remote friends who are friendly and love to socialize, you will have to try and stay consistent with the online and in-person meetup sessions.

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If you find that it’s hard for you to trust people, read our article on building trust in friendships and dealing with trust issues. If you can’t find a local group for remote workers, why not create one! You could set up a new group on Meetup or use social media to find other remote workers in your local area.

You can start doing this practice of greeting virtually with your remote teammates and later ping other department workers to have better communication with them. You may plan to set up casual calls where you socially interact with other virtual workers and become friends. “Repotting,” according to Ryan Hubbard, founder of the Kitestring Project, means varying the settings in which you interact. The more friends we repot, according to one study, the deeper the friendships.

First, Commit to Being More Social IRL

Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration, and your story may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough. However, like most things in life, this is totally figureoutable. While there are countless upsides to working from home, there’s one consistent challenge how to make friends when you work from home — and it’s a serious one. You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there. With mandatory quarantines, shelter-in-place orders, and a general concern about your own well-being and the well-being of others, COVID drastically changed how people interact.

Just make sure that you’re careful with what you post, and don’t put too much personal information out there. You’ll also want to use genuine images of yourself, rather than ones that show you in a professional capacity. While digital classes can be a great way to learn, there’s nothing like meeting people while learning IRL. Classes offer the benefit of group exercises and assigned collaboration, which will give you the chance to hone your skills or explore your interests while connecting with like-minded people. Your local community college is a great place to begin your search. You might also consider local stores and studios for creative activities like cooking, dancing, or jewelry making.

Striking a Balance Between Friendship and Professionalism

If you’re wondering how to make friends when you work from home, you’re in the right place. Make sure to research conferences within your niche and see if they have online communities which you can use to make new friends throughout the year. Fast forward a few years and the economy is very different.

  • You say hi to each other and chat a bit before or after the class.
  • Embrace transparency, foster a sense of belonging, form connections – and have fun along the way.
  • Research has shown that work colleagues typically comprise a large amount of friendship and acquaintance social circles and these work relationships can be crucial to your health and overall wellbeing.

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