Overall Goal:

Helping the underserved Christian Population to find faith-based and inspiring contents by empowering the less prioritized Artists and Content Creators to show their creative skills.

Our Mission

To harness the creative potentials of a million Artists and Content Creators by allowing them to show their creative skills and billions of fans from the Christian population and the world at large get a chance to be inspired and entertained by their creations.

Our Vision

We visualize a contemporary platform where professional Artists and Content Creators can be limitless and provide everyone with a fascinating experience that will still uphold their tenets and reduce apathy.

Our Philosophy

Fidarr will always seek to embody excellence by focusing not just on outcome but the process, Fidarr will make quick decisions embracing trends within a timely manner, thus providing value to it’s customers.

Fidarr is being built to become an Artificial Intelligence-powered music streaming and video community service. The Spotify and Tiktok service for the Christians.

A multipurpose platform where users can stream unlimited music and create short lip-syncing videos in one single application.

Christian creatives (artists & content creators) can monetize their works and get paid.

When launched, Fidarr will become unarguably the first-ever Christian music streaming and video community service in the world serving the underserved Christian population whilst protecting their tenets.

The newly released Fidarr Web App is a Spotify style like a web app that allows users to stream music, create a playlist, and add music out of Fidarr’s music catalogue into their music library on their user account.

We are working on a mobile app that will see the fusion of an Artificial Intelligence-powered music streaming and video community service that will launch by mid-2021.

The story of Fidarr Partners Limited, the parent company of Fidarr started in December 2019 when Enyo Sam, the Founder & CEO saw an underserved set of people who were not properly represented or provided with a system that will support their tenents. 

Christian creatives find it difficult to get their music and other creative works to the right audience and most of the existing platforms do not give room to passionately push Christian creatives on their platforms. They usually get lost on their platforms, as you will hardly see them on the platform’s homepage. Existing entertainment platforms support and promote contents seen as immoral to the belief of the members of the Christian community. 

The underserved Christian population and other people sought a platform that can help them grow their faith, and build healthy relationships void of contents contrary to their beliefs.

Fidarr aims to become the Tiktok and Spotify for the Christians. In this case, we are building an Artificial Intelligence-powered music streaming and video community service, a multipurpose platform where users can stream unlimited music and create short lip-syncing videos in one single application.

We plan to at all times maintain the utmost levels of service for our customers and strive to place itself at the forefront of entertainment Services within the Christian entertainment industry.

The company, Fidarr Partners Limited was incorporated on the 24th of June 2020 with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

We are providing music streaming and video community service where users can listen to millions of music, record/create entertaining short lip-syncing videos where artists and content creators on our platform can earn revenues.

At Fidarr, we provide the following products and services to our clients:

  • Digital music sales and streaming service for users.
  • Video community/streaming service for users.
  • Content monetization for artists and content creators.

Since start of Fidarr in December 2019, we’ve gained over 260+ active users, over 13, 300+ visited users, over 50,879+ page-views, over 485+ tracks uploaded, with over 115+ artists activated.

We can do more as over 2.18 billion Christians globally are set to use Fidarr.

There’s an outcry and anticipation in the christian community for Fidarr as it’s long needed.

Want to invest or partner with us?

Reach out to our corporate finance and legal team, we are always ready to connect with you.

Email: contact@fidarr.com  or call: +1 (876) 344 9059