Poised to make the Internet Safer

Fidarr is a technology company established to build innovative online products primarily for the Christian community across the world. We are poised to make the internet safer by providing access to wholesome faith-based contents.

Our Mission

To be the premier technology company reputed for delivering sterling online services primarily to the Christian community across the world.

Our Vision

We create value by building innovative technology platforms that support creators, amplifies faith and knowledge-driven by our highly skilled workforce.

A Social Online Community for everyone.

Our premier product is the Fidarr App. This is a Social Entertainment App (TikTok for Christians).

Users can stream music, create, share, watch short video clips, connect with friends in Chat/Groups and lots more intriguing features in a wholesome online community.

In addition, Christian creators (especially emerging Christian artists) can gain visibility for their works, build a fan base, and monetize their contents to make money and build a career.

The Fidarr team is made up of people who are just like you – dedicated to wholesome entertainment. People just want to be able to stream clean music, access faith and wholesome contents that carries a great message that inspires their faith and belief.

The Fidarr App is a social online community platform that is very secure, spirit-lifting, friendly, engaging, inspiring, entertaining and fun.

The Team

We are a fully remote and diverse team. We follow our company core values and culture that encourages autonomy, creativity, and passion for pushing boundaries.

Enyo Sam

Founder & CEO

Sadra Lindsay

Chief Operating Officer

Lewis Msasa

Chief Technology Officer

Emmanuel Akpeme

Chief Strategy Officer

Our Values

Our values are coined from the word P.U.R.P.O.S.E. These values are designed to capture the beliefs that define our work at Fidarr, as well as to be a reference when making decisions. Our values are a daily tool for doing our work and defining our goals. Many of our values support the idea that “we don’t work alone”, values and culture that emphasizes autonomy, creativity, collaboration, communication, responsibility and passion for pushing boundaries.

We believe in Prayers

The driving force to everything we do as a company is our faith in God. We believe that we can do amazingly when we ask God to direct our paths. 

We are Unwavering

Our team consists of individuals who are marked by firm determination or resolution to remain steadfast in all our doings.

We are Reliable

We are consistent in delivering quality. Our partners, users and creators trust us because our products are excellently built to meet demands.

We are Passionate

Our team consists of individuals who are marked by firm determination or resolution to remain steadfast in all our doings.

We are Outstanding

Our culture is excellence! and this goes to define everything that has to do with our company. We are exceptionally good at what we do.

We are Supportive

We support our community by providing encouragement, emotional help, training among other things that will help them, experience love.

We show Empathy

We understand that we all need each other. This creates a culture of understanding and sharing the feelings of one another.

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