Fidarr is a Social Entertainment App for Christians. You can stream music, create, share, watch short video clips and connect with friends in real-time chatting.

In Good Company with

Stream All Music You Love.

The Fidarr App allows you to find the latest and best music from Christian Artists across the world.

Like-mind Community to Meet New People.

A Community to connect you with like-minded people, preparing you for greater opportunities.

This and More Intriguing Features

Music streaming

Our music library contains millions of songs for you to stream.

Clean Contents

Find contents with good morals that promote well-being of the mind or spirit.

Offline Listening

You can save and download songs to listen to anytime, anywhere.

Curated playlists

Amazing music playlist curated to your taste and interest.

Free to Use

Our service is free to use. Upgrade to premium only when you need more features with out ads.

Livestream & Earn

Receive gifts as you broadcast live or from your video contents and cash-out your gifts into your bank account.

Room With Friends

Room chats make it easy to stay connected to your family, friends, and coworkers.

Privacy & Security

You are guaranteed a safe community to feel protected with your data. You have all privacy to yourself.

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