We enable Creators with tools to create Positive content.

Fidarr is an AI-enabled social production studio for creators. A social media platform that emphasizes mental well-being and enables creators with tools to create positive content.

Product Features

Creator Studio

Studio helps creators without any music knowledge to compose music, make beats & record vocals with Live Loops and share them with friends.

Short Videos

Tiktok feel, but focused on positive content created by artists, storytellers, health therapists, educators, faith etc. You make videos with your created music with available effects & filters.

Positive Content

We are enabling a community where people won’t feel inundated with negative, offensive, and invasive content and are looking for positive content to consume without feeling bad about themselves, their lives or their futures.

Even More Features

Everything is free!

You can choose to go pro only when you need more features without ads.

Stream Music

Our music library contains millions of songs for you to stream & vibe.


You can download music & videos to listen and watch anytime, anywhere.

Curated Playlists

Find amazing music playlist curated to meet your taste and interests.

Go Live & Jam

Receive gifts as you go live & cash out your rewards into your bank account.

Privacy & Security

Your safety & well-being is everything to us. You have all privacy to yourself.

Reserve Profile for Public Beta

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